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Re: Preaching Thread

Another good try but.... strike two emoticon


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God bless brother mel!! I'm not going to get into this argument but what I will say in response to this little tidbit;


Don't encourage him to copy and paste, Rick! emoticon I only read a few lines, but I like that he's using his own words, and I love that he titled this thread the way he did.

Don't encourage him to copy and paste?
Insulting ones intelligence shows the insulter's lack there of.

Preaching? Someone isn't paying attention.

Definition of preach (v)
Bing Dictionary

    [ preech ]

    give sermon: to give a talk on a religious or moral subject, especially in church
    give advice in irritating way: to give advice on morality or behavior in an irritatingly tedious or overbearing way
    urge people to accept idea: to make an opinion or attitude known to others and urge others to share it

Synonyms: give a sermon · speak · discourse · talk · deliver an address · address · orate

Oops, I copied and pasted that! I hope I haven't offended anyone by doing such a thing.
"Simple is the dimple on life's complicated face"



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