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Message to lesigner girl concerning your PM

I was talking about myself Lesigner girl and other members in my family who have made wrong choices. after the age of 21!

 I am 75 years old and many of my peers and friends that I grew up with made unthinking choices of how their life should go.

Apparently what you have done is taken my thoughts, that had nothing to do with you or anyone on any of the runboards, and used them to put me out of that particular board.

Some folks who do not agree with, or have same kind of education or culture as I have, and then put them out and crush them until they become "YES MEN" is not going to work with me!!!!!

For your information,

 I do not use drugs of any sort! I do not drink any kind of alcohol for recreational purposes! I do not use tobacco for any purpose. I do not drive like a idiotic maniac on the highways.

The folks that I was referring to absolutely did use these things. And now they have either died or have cancer or some other serious illness. Many of those who are still living are very unhappy!


I will tell my son, my grandson and my loved ones to be careful to make careful choices of mates, lifestyles.

Banning me will not ever make me approve of making obviously bad choices that could lead to illness or misery.

As you get older and wiser there are many things and ideas that you will find are changing your mind from your thoughts of today!
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