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Last week I heard of a Irish immigrant to the USA that committed suicide because of bullying that bordered on harassment in her school but not just there, they followed her everywhere even into cyber-space with "cyber-bullying" (defined here). The girl was only 15 years old.

Yesterday I heard another news story of the same thing happening to a 13 year old boy who hung himself to end the "cyber-bullying."


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Re: Cyber-bullying

I've heard of many cyber-bullying stories. It's getting worse now, I believe because schools are actually starting to crack down on REAL school bullying.
And it's always heart breaking to hear of a child who thinks the ONLY way out is to kill themselves. emoticon

I think there does need to be way to stop it....but it's up to the PARENTS.
1. They have to raise their children to have faith in themselves and a good self esteem. (Hubby was in the Navy, every 3 years our son was the "NEW" kid in school!)
2. The parents have to monitor their child's online activity, now if the communication between parent and child is good, the parent can do this without upsetting the child. OR the child will feel completely free to tell Mom or Dad...
3. Then the PARENT has to do something, not just tell the kid to ignore the bully's or not to worry about it, they'll go away in time.
The child has to know that Mom and Dad are on they're side, no matter what.


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