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Home Depot - Really?

The motto for Home Depot is "more savings, more doing" I can agree with the "more savings" part of the motto since I went into their store today looking at spending about $1350 to replace obsolete light and ceiling fans for my church (plus some minor odds and ends).

They had the lighting I wanted on display but zero information posted about the product and zero in stock so I could not read the box labels to see if what I thought I was seeing was what I actually wanted. The floor person looked at his "inventory gadget" and NONE of the Home Depot stores in a 50 mile radius had the lights in stock either! I gather this light must be super popular to cause such a shortage on a standard inventory item. emoticon

So I look at ceiling fans (I need four). I find five different models I think the church can live with but once again the store was out of stock (one store had two of the ceiling fans, not two different models, one model, two fans)...

So it is now down to my misc stuff and thankfully they did have the clips, door springs, and door handle so I was able to spend $[sign in to see URL] instead of the $1350 I walked in to spend, a savings of $[sign in to see URL]!!!! That qualifies as having kept the first part of their motto but as to the second part?!?! I think not...


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