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The Neutral Zone
Welcome To The Neutral Zone:
The place to discuss topics that may cause debates on other boards without getting yelled at or banned!

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TNZ Rules

Hello and welcome to The Neutral Zone Runboard.

Yes the boards name was inspired by the "Romulan Neutral Zone" of Star Trek fame but this is not a Science Fiction board. The Neutral Zone is intended to be a board where different beliefs and worldviews can be discussed without animosity being created towards one another. To this end we have the following rules and guidelines set in place.

1. Show respect towards everyone you exchange posts with.

2. Show respect towards everyone you mention in your posts.

3. When making a post, if you don't know if the person you are posting to will "get" your attempt to lighten the mood with your "joke" then label the joke with something like "just joking" or "jk." Trust me on this, there are no Vulcans posting here (and even if there were, they don't understand humor unless it is spelled out for them) emoticon

4. The Runboard TOS will be interpreted here in its most strict interpretation so if it even smells like it might be wrong to post xyz then it IS wrong!

5. In the event things get out of hand I trust the Admins to take care of it but I reserve the right to over rule everyone.

6. Banning a user is by majority TNZ staff vote which means a user ban will be rare. Jaymes has veto power over any ban made but it will be up to the banned user to appeal and prove the ban was in error.

edited to add rule #6

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James Long
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Re: TNZ Rules


While I appreciate Pastor Rick's "veto power" declaration let's just say that if Lesigner Girl or Pastor Rick feels like you crossed the line the odds of my over turning their decision is about the same as you winning the lottery.

Two reasons...
One, I am gone most of the time.
Two, They are here most of the time.

So, if you do manage to do the almost impossible act of getting banned from this message board and appeal to me it is likely to take 3-4 months before I even see the appeal.

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