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TNZ TOS (Terms of Service) for this board

The TNZ TOS ~ Being an expansion and explanation as interpreted by me on the Runboard TOS.

Part 1 - In any dispute the ruling of anyone with the title Runboard Staff will have veto powers over my own rulings in this regard should they choose to exercise their powers in any dispute.

Part 2 (from the Runboard TOS) - You agree not to use this Service for posting of Copyright, Pornographic, Illegal or Data Protected Content or use of the Service in the activity of unreasonable use, including but not limited to "SPAM". You also agree to abide by any applicable local, state, national or international laws. The Content posted by you should also not infringe on the rights of any third party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, privacy or publicity rights.

My definitions and expansions to the Runboard TOS

a. Copyright - Fair use ability: The copyright laws allow for pieces of a copyrighted product to be used for purposes of critical review (such as in a Book or Movie review). A book review is normally around 1,000 words and quoted sections are never more than 50% of the review. The Bible translators allow for 1,000 verses with the same provisions and provided the quoted section does not consist of a complete book (the KJV has no restrictions). For film clips I say no more than approx. 3% of a film so for a 90 minute movie please don't show more than 162 seconds or so in your clip...

b. Pornography - Public Forums: No nudity allowed in the public forums, glamor pictures yes, lingerie and swimsuit pictures are limited to those which do not make visible the private parts of a man or woman. No sex acts of any type are allowed.

c. Pornography - Private Forums (if we ever make one): Nudity will be allowed however the physical sex (or genitalia of a person) may not be shown, Though a hint of pubic hair may be allowed at times such a picture does not make a case for its inclusion in all instances. Unlike some American R-rated movies (examples: Monster's Ball and Brokeback Mountain) we do not allow sex acts, real or implied, on this forum.

d. Pornography - Child Porn - If this shows up I will ban you and delete the content. If you even think it might be borderline then it is not allowed.

e. Illegal or Data Protected content - You may not discuss methods or share programs which hack into or crack other programs (for example: key file generators) or in anyway provide you with a full working version of a product which you have not lawfully obtained.

f. Reasonable use - This board is designed for conversations please limit adverts to other message boards (preferably Runboards). No adverts on buying or selling products are allowed right now because we want to sponsor and promote conversation, not spam.

g. Privacy and Content - Every person who joins this board shall have a reasonable expectation of privacy. No person shall divulge or share information about anyone else unless that information has already been posted (example: My name is James Long and since I have posted that it is ok for you to share that information. It is NOT OK for you to share information about my family or friends which I have not posted ON THIS BOARD first). I don't care if you find the information on a dozen websites or the front page of the local paper it is NOT OK to post anything about anyone who is a member here unless they choose to reveal it here first.

I think that does it for now emoticon

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James Long
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