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The place to discuss topics that may cause debates on other boards without getting yelled at or banned!

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How to join

Joining this board is very easy. If you have a Runboard account and already post on other boards, all you have to do is make a post in any unrestricted forum, that is, basically any forum except this one.

If you are not logged in and do not have an account, you should see a link at the top of the page that says, in bold text, “Click here to join!”. Click on that link to go to a page where you can register.

Once you’ve registered, you can post on any open message boards at Runboard, but the code has been modified so that you will be taken back to The Neutral Zone. After your registration is complete, you will receive an email that welcomes you to Runboard. You can now log in to your new account. After you’re logged in, you can come here and join in the discussion!

Thanks for reading this. We hope to see you soon in the posting!

[credit to cfm518 for the basic wording]

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James Long
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